Episode 3- I do apologize for the delay- Thanks to all that have been reaching out for episode 3 🙂. Even men have been asking:) This one get’s a little adult, but still tasteful and major funny! Early morning Continue reading



Episode 2: Venus and Quick

Quick (Men’s locker room)

Trevon: So wayment, so you’re telling me that she’s closer to your mother’s age and era than yours?

I knew I should not have opened my mouth to these Continue reading

Venus and Quick (Short intro of what’s to come- enjoy the read)
I can’t help but notice this guy keeps staring at my ass while I’m treading my mills. This is the reason why I lose interest coming to Continue reading



You ever sat back and paid attention to the many challenges we face daily. The many parts we play when it comes to applying the good with the bad. How to be successful yet dealing with personal issues, how Continue reading

Lets be real- Is it HATE?

Why is it so hard to give out compliments these days?

Do you think she looks better than you?
Are you envious of her current accomplishments? Does she intimidate you?

It is so easy to turn up our nose and Continue reading